Ontario’s Premier testified today in the trail against two former liberal staffers and says she never offered a potential candidate a job or appointment or instructed anyone to do so.

Both Pat Sorbara, Wynne’s former deputy chief of staff, and local Liberal organizer Gerry Lougheed are charged with bribery under the Election Act for allegedly offering would-be candidate Andrew Olivier a job or appointment to get him to step aside for Wynne’s preferred candidate — then New Democrat M-P Glenn Thibeault.

Interesting information has come out of the trial about what Glenn Thibeault wanted to switch from NDP to Liberal and Wynne says she made it clear a cabinet position was out of the question and never had conversations about positions for his staff.

She also says her, Sorbara and Lougheed reached out to Olivier to soften the blow and keep him involved in the liberal family after she decided she would appoint Thibeault as the candidate for the 2015 byelection.

Wynne made it clear those conversations with Olivier wouldn’t have been to solidify Thibeault’s position as the candidate if she already knew he would be appointed.

The Premier spoke to reporters shortly after finishing on the stand.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault is expected to testify sometime next week.

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