By Angela Gemmill

A 38-year old man faces impaired-related charges after several people saw a snowmobiler laying beside his machine, near Wahnapitae last night.

A caller to police says the man was laying beside his snowmobile along Highway 537, but then the man got up on the sled and drove away.

A short time later police were flagged down by a snow-plow operator who saw the same driver in the same manner –laying beside his machine.

Officers found the suspect displayed signs of impairment.

He was taken to police headquarters where breath samples showed he was allegedly three time over the legal limit of alcohol.

The snowmobiler was also found to have a small quantity of marijuana with him.

The 38-year old man is charged with Impaired Operation of a Vehicle, Blowing in excess of 80 milligrams, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.