By Angela Gemmill

A number of safety blitzes are happening across the country this week for National Rail Safety Week.

Operation Lifesaver Canada is using the opportunity to remind drivers and pedestrians that deaths and injuries along rail property are avoidable.

National Director Mike Regimbal says too many people are killed each year.

In 2014, there were 57 deaths in Canada linked to trespassing on railway property or crossing rail-lines (21 at level crossings, 36 pedestrians crossing or walking along tracks)

Part of the safety campaign is warning pedestrians about trespassing on rail-lines.

Regimbal says distraction is a big factor in deaths and injuries.

He warns people to turn off headphones when crossing tracks in order to hear trains approaching.

Regimbal says these fatal and serious accidents also affect train operators, since they can’t swerve to avoid an individual, they can only put the brakes on.

As part of Rail Safety Week, CN Rail is conducting safety blitzes at crossings, including in Sudbury.

Part of the campaign from Operation Lifesaver involves social media with #SeeTracksThink and #RSW2015 to help spread the safety messages.