Romancer dropped their debut LP TODAY! Adam from the pop punk / post rock quartet joins Daly on Under The Radar to talk about the influences going into the new album, playing in the Kitchener area, their plans to tour after, and why Obama should hear it. Enjoy the interview and scroll down for some GREAT music you might be missing out on!

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Daly: To get to know the band a little bit, if someone has never heard of Romancer before but they wind up at one of your shows, what would they be in for?


Adam: Something explosive, we’re just kind of all over the place. Especially with songs later in the set we just try to end the show with kind of a huge finale. There’s the one track, the final track off the upcoming LP, it’s called “Bad Clover” and it’s this three minute super aggressive post rock outro where guitars are flailing and we’re just trying to get more aggressive on stage.

When we play with more chill bands and they see they they’re just kind of like, “What’s happening right now” and that’s kind of what happens every time we play that song. That songs becoming a favorite because it’s just so explosive and silly and ridiculous.


Daly:  So when people see you the general reaction is, “What the hell is going on?”


Adam: [laughs] Yeah, basically



Daly: A bit of random question and it’s kind of a hard one, but if you could have anyone in the world listen to the new album who would it be?


Adam: Whoa, can I pick like five people?


Daly: Ya sure


Adam:  Um Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World, he’s one of the coolest musicians on the planet, one of the most influential to me. Dallas Green for sure. Moneen. Going back to our set Moneen is like the gods when it comes to being ridiculous on stage and being wild. Um…Obama..


Daly: [Laughs] Yah you get the record in his hands things might happen for you


Adam: He doesn’t even need to share it to anyone I just want Obama to be like, “Yah Adam’s great, all the best to you dude”



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