By: Nick Liard

It was just a trip to Tim Hortons to pick up a morning coffee for Robert Cornett of Sudbury, large double cream, but after rolling up the rim, he saw he won a car.

Cornett was one of 40 Canadians this year to win a 2017 Honda Civic, winning the prize at on Highway 144 in Chelmsford.

Cornett told us he originally thought the cup said he won a coffee, but went to get his glasses and realized it said Civic.

Randy Annett and his wife have owned the store for 25 years and says it’s the first car they’ve been able to give away.


Cornett says he recently bought his son a car for school and they had test drove the same car he won.

He says they will be taking the cash and plan to go on a family trip.

The odds to win a car on RRRoll Up The Rim are one in 7.4 million.

Honda Canada says it’s the first car winner in Sudbury in at least five years.

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