Sudbury Police arrested a 39-year old man in connection with at least 13 break and enters where coins were stolen from laundry machines.

On Thursday the man used a crow bar to pry open the door of an apartment building on Ramsey View Court where he discovered the machines were card operated and didn’t use coins.

An employee confronted the man and he became aggressive, punching the employee and swinging the crow bar at him.

An off duty officer witnessed the altercation and arrested the man who was later found out to be involved in at least 13 laundry machine thefts.

Since the beginning of December police have been informed of 37 break and enters of apartment and residential complexes where coin boxes have been emptied.

The suspect has been charged with:

? Break and Enter to Commit Theft x11
? Break and Enter to Commit Mischief x2

? Possession of Break-in Instruments x13
? Disguise with the Intent to Commit an Indictable Offence x13
? Possession of a Coin Operated Device Breaking Instrument x13
? Obstruct a Peace Officer
? Assault with a Weapon
? Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000
? Break of Recognizance x40