Sara-Jo and I, the 92.7 ROCK New Sudbury Centre Girls of Summer took our brand new 2018 Mazda MX-5 from the new Palladino Mazda out to the Super Circus Spectacular! We started the day off by giving away tickets to the first show, and the winners we’re pretty excited! Following that, we gave away gift cards for Dairy Queen and the New Sudbury Centre as well as some pretty cool 92.7 ROCK swag. The girls, Bella and Izzy, who received the 92.7 ROCK swag, we’re ROCK’n it as they pose with Sara-Jo for a picture. We saw so many amazing acts throughout the show! We watched a performance where a pair swung threw the air with nothing but trust for each other. The suspense was real when watching George balance on his hands on top of many circular objects, that did not seem to sturdy.. As we we’re watching the show, we enjoyed some popcorn and snow cones. During intermission, Sara-Jo conquered her fear while holding a snake around her neck! Throughout the second show, we enjoyed many more performances brought to us by the Super Circus Spectacular! Stay tuned for where we are next!

– Taylor & Sara-Jo

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