Doug Ford is the new Premier of Ontario and his PC’s have formed a majority government.

Ford says Ontario has sent a clear message.

The NDP will form the official opposition while the Liberals were reduced to just a handful of seats.

An emotional Kathleen Wynne says she is stepping down as leader of Ontario’s Liberal Party.

Locally, our two ridings went NDP.

At almost 50 per cent of the vote Jamie West is Sudbury’s new MPP.

PC’s Troy Crowder finished in second and incumbent Liberal Glenn Thibeault was just 279 votes behind Crowder in third.

In Nickel Belt France Gelinas won again for the NDP taking in 63 per cent of the votes.

In Nickel Belt France Gelinas won back her seat by a landslide as she took 63 per cent of the vote, with Jo-Ann Cardinal of the PC’s finishing second.

Gelinas says it is an honour to once again represent the riding.

The election didn’t go the Liberals way and for Glenn Thibeault that meant a third place finish in Sudbury.

Thibeault was emotional in his concession speech.

Thibeault also shot down rumours that he would run for mayor of Sudbury.