Saturday July 28th:

Today, your 92.7 Rock New Sudbury Centre Girls of Summer took their sweet ride from Palladino Mazda and had a blast at the Capreol Days Family Fun Day hosted by the Valley Community Theatre! There was a lovely free barbecue, serving hotdogs, sausages and burgers, as well as a ton of super fun games! We spent most of our afternoon hanging out in Capreol with some awesome people celebrating the town of Capreol turning 100! Capreol Days runs from July 28th, 2018 until August 5th, 2018. They will have a ton of incredible activities happening throughout the week and they would love for you and your family to attend! The full schedule can be on the Capreol Days Facebook page!

-SJ & Taylor

Sunday July 29th:

Today, Sara-Jo and I took our MX-5 from Palladino Mazda out to Capreol for another day of Capreol Days! We first went to the Capreol Curling Club for a meet and greet, while enjoying refreshing beverages and a barbecue. Next, we headed to the Trinity United Church for the baking contest! I had the pleasure of being a guest judge for the cookie portion of the contest. Might I add, these cookies were DELICIOUS!!

– Taylor & SJ

Monday July 30th:

Today, Sara-Jo and I made our way in our 2018 Mazda MX-5 from Palladino Mazda to the Northern Credit Union in Capreol where we met Team Jacobs Curling Team! It was an amazing turnout, and Team Jacobs even let us wear their Olympic medals. We also gave away some gift cards from Dairy Queen on this beautiful morning!

Friday August 3rd:

On this beautiful afternoon, Sara-Jo and I went to the Capreol Community Center! There was a delicious dinner and a rockin’ live show to kick off Capreol turning 100! Over 800 tickets we’re sold, and most we’re dancing all night long!

Saturday August 4th:

On this gorgeous day, Sara-Jo and I took our beautiful MX-5 from Palladino Mazda out for Capreol Days! We started the morning off by walking downtown where they had amazing vendors set up, an awesome children’s area, and live music. Next, we headed over to the baseball field for Capreol Days Baseball Tournament where we watched an intense game. Following that, we headed back downtown to be dunked in the dunk tank. Sara-Jo and I both we’re dunked several times, however, we weren’t complaining.. It was a hot sunny day, and being dunked in the dunk tank is exactly what we needed to get through the day! We finished off the day by heading to the food vendors looking like wet rats, and had a delicious grilled cheese from Grill’d Cheese 2 Pls and hot & fresh mini donuts from the Northwest Fudge Factory! Thank you Capreol!

– Taylor & SJ

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