This past weekend, Keira and I had a blast at the Elgin Street Craft Beer Fest! We started off on Friday night where the party was ROCKin! Everyone got some delicious craft beer from the Townhouse Tavern and brought it outside for some backyard games and incredible live music! After an awesome night in beautiful Downtown Sudbury, we couldn’t wait for what Saturday had to bring.

On Saturday, we didn’t let the weather get us down. We we’re too busy playing giant Jenga and giant beer pong where the company is even better than the drinks. Throughout the day, we challenged our rock fans to a bundle of games and contests and we only had a few players win some 92.7 ROCK $wag. Many fans walked away with day passes to Science North, Dynamic Earth, or the IMAX film festival! There was something for everyone with over 30 vendors selling craft beer, cider, spirits and win! Overall, it was a ROCKin weekend! Thank you Sudbury.

– Taylor


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