Big Algae Blooms

Things are blooming on Ramsey Lake and it’s not good.

Elaine Porter is with the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee and she says the blue-green algae blooms on the lake are the largest in ten years and are spread out over a large area.

This summer’s hot, dry weather is to blame.

Blooms have been found on Ramsey Lake at Moonlight and Amphitheatre Beaches as well as on Lake Nepahwin and the West Arm of Lake Nipissing.

Blue-green algae poses health risks if swimmers or animals come into contact with it.

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Reduce Water Use

Lots of heat and little rain is a perfect mix for low water levels.

That is what Sudbury’s going through right now, so the Nickel District Conservation Authority is asking residents to lower their use of water by about 10 per cent.

The conservation authority sent out a low water condition today which will stay in effect for a while as there isn’t much rain in the forecast.

The low water condition is not mandatory but voluntary.