This weekend, Taylor and I took our 2018 Mazda MX-5 from Palladino Mazda to Bell Park for Poutine Fest! There was 7 different poutine vendors and everybody brought out their best and most creative types of poutine! Taylor tried the classic poutine from Sali’s and I had the Mambo Italiano poutine from Cara’s Rocket Luncher. They were delicious and we definitely recommend both types of poutine! We also got the pleasure to taste the S’mores Mini Donut poutine….and it was out of this world! On Saturday night, it was a flash back to the 80’s with The kings and Goddo performing. They both ROCKed the stage! On Day 3, the sun was shining and we finally got the chance to bring out our inner child and we played in the inflatables! We enjoyed some more tasty poutine, had some blue raspberry lemonade, listen to some ROCKn music, and had the best company! Thank you Sudbury!

-SJ & Taylor


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