Sudbury Voters Re-elect Brian Bigger

For the first time in its amalgamated history Greater Sudbury has a two term mayor.

After a lengthy wait, results showed voters re-elected Brian Bigger with over 28 per cent of the vote which was a 10 per cent win over second place.

Bigger says being re-elected was a humbling experience.


Bigger believes negativity towards him during the campaign helped show his leadership.


Finishing second in the mayor race was Patricia Mills at nearly 19 per cent of the vote while Dan Melanson and Cody Cacciotti were close behind in third and fourth.

Here are the full unofficial results.

  • Brian Bigger: 14,684 (28.32 per cent of vote)
  • Patricia Mills: 9,746 (18.8 per cent of vote)
  • Dan Melanson: 8,673 (16.73 per cent of the vote)
  • Cody Cacciotti: 8,066 (15.56 per cent of the vote)
  • Troy Crowder: 4,279 (8.25 per cent of the vote)
  • Jeff Huska: 2,746 (5.30 per cent of the vote)
  • Bill Crumplin: 2,158 (4.16 per cent of the vote)
  • Bill Sanders: 792 (1.53 per cent of the vote)
  • Ron Leclair: 534 (1.03 per cent of the vote)
  • Rodney Newton: 102 (0.2 per cent of the vote)
  • David Popescu : 72 (0.14 per cent of the vote)

On Council

While Sudbury voters re-elected their mayor they followed suit around the council table as every incumbent got their seat back.

The only two new councillors were Geoff McCausland in Ward 4 and Bill Leduc in Ward 11 who filled seats vacated by retirement.

McCausland defeated four other candidates in Ward 4 while Leduc beat five other candidates by a large percentage including former city councillor Terry Kett.

The closest race came in Ward 6 were Rene Lapierre won back his seat over former councillor Andre Rivest.

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Voting Numbers

Unofficial voting numbers were down from four years ago.

Over 52 thousand residents cast their ballots which represented 45 per cent of eligible voters.

That’s down from 2014 when 50.7 per cent voted and the ballot also included a referendum on store hours.

The city says about 8 thousand people or seven per cent of the total votes were cast on the extra day of voting.