It’s one week today that I decided to work from home and I know a lot of you are as well. What a huge change in our lives! Things I like about it include the commute, better breakfasts, and wearing slippers. Things I miss about not being at 880 Lasalle are the people I work with, being in the studio with Chris, taking phone calls from you guys, conversations in hallways, and voices. My house is very quiet which is good, but I miss the guys in the jock lounge and their outrageous discussions. Sigh.

So all that being said the show is going great! But I’m finding my work is a little too accessible and consequently I (or my daughter) will catch me working at all hours of the day. Granted there’s lots to do right now for the show and in my role as president of the Sudbury Food Bank, but yesterday my daughter put me on a clock and said I have to shut it down at 5 pm! That’s the reason there was no blog yesterday, but it’s also the reason I got to paint this cute little Easter House. I may have overdone the details but I guess I was in the mood for that. We did a couple of hours of crafts and watched the Amazing Race Canada.

Hope you are able to take a time out and shut down too!


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