We’ve talked about home schooling a lot since our schools shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March.  Parents are trying to keep their kids on track with on-line and virtual learning…but as we found out this week this is not home schooling.  This type of education is called Emergency Distance Learning, and is done when the government closes schools because of some kind of crisis.  School Boards mandate what the curriculum will look like and gives guidelines to parents and access to teachers online.

Home schooling is very different.  Stephane and Amanda Ostrander are both teachers and have made the decision to teach their young children at home.  They also have a successful You Tube Channel where they post videos every Monday on topics ranging from Walks and Talks to how much time does home schooling take?  It’s called Raising A to Z.

We were curious about the differences in the two types of learning at home, so we called Amanda Ostrander to find out…



Amanda is also the blogger behind Raising A to Z with lots of great topics.  Check it out! https://raisingatoz.com/about-us/

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