What have you been doing during the COVID 19 lock down?  While the rest of us were watching Netflix and walking the dog, the team at 3rdLine.Studio was working on a new vision for the Sudbury Community Arena.  3rdLine.Studio said in a press release it has focused much of its attention on how the arena could be revitalized as both an investment for the future and a salute to the past.

Architect Tim James is one of the partners in 3rd.Line Studio and he and a team of 17 people worked on Project NOW as a reaction to the COVID crisis.  Tim explains the vision in his interview with Mell & Chris.



Take a look at what a revamped and expanded Greater Sudbury Arena with 40% savings could look like!

What if renovating and expanding the existing Sudbury Community Arena cost 40% less than building new and offered us all the amenities of a modern event centre? What if construction could take place without interrupting the Sudbury Wolves and Sudbury Five schedules? What if that extra money saved could be used on other projects, such as a twin pad arena in Valley East, an aquatic centre in Azilda, a rebuild of Lorne street, or a motorsports park?Well, it is possible!We’ve costed the project based on our professional expertise and experience and are so excited to share a sneak peek with you! Take a walk around the block with us to see the place in action!

Posted by Project Now on Saturday, June 27, 2020


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