Our own Nick Liard spoke with parliamentary assistant to the minister of education, Sam Oosterhoff.

There is still quite a bit of confusion when it comes to back to school, and we asked Oosterhoff some questions for clarification.

Below you will find the exact times of each question if you would like to skip ahead.

00:03 – What happens if a child tests positive for COVID-19

00:55 – What will E-Learning look like

02:10 – As a parent why should I feel safe sending my child back into class

03:10 – Sudbury has been closing schools and building new to have more children in one school and rid of older buildings, some schools have bigger class sizes, what is being done within them to protect students

04:28 – How many students do you think will be back in class in September

05:15 – How are you going to monitor and enforce restrictions in schools

06:32 – What is going to be done in place of group work and group projects as well as close contact things like gym class

07:36 – Anything you would like to add