There are a lot of talented kids out there, but 10 year old Yoyoka of Japan shows on her youtube channel what a dedicated and hard working musician looks like with her energetic song covers. She has been playing drums since she could walk! This is her at 8 years old covering Led Zeppelin!



Most recently Yoyoka has covered Rush’s ‘YYZ’. It’s not easy taking on Neil Peart’s legendary drumming, but Yoyoka’s joy and love of playing comes through, making this Rush cover a slam dunk. Watch her full performance of ‘YYZ’ below.



She even pays her respects to Peart in the video’s description saying, “I have a lot of respect for Neil Peart. I am sorry he has gone to heaven, but I would like to dedicate a cover of this wonderful song to him. R.I.P.”. Check out her Youtube channel for even more fantastic covers of your favourite rock songs.