A monumental tour unlike anything Canada has ever seen took place in 2016, and it was 4 years ago today that The Tragically Hip played their final show in their hometown of Kingston, ON to a crowd of millions. Gord Downie’s nationalism was both proud and quiet; subtle and poetic. Every Hip song was like a lesson in history, humanity, geography, sociological…sometimes all of the above. It’s no wonder The Hip’s music resonates with an entire nation as strongly as it still does.



The Man Machine Poem Tour was the last for frontman Gord Downie after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Starting in Vancouver, BC, every single tour stop was a heartfelt eulogy from Downie to The Hip’s fans, knowing that his time was limited and still finding the time to say goodbye on his own terms. The beloved Canadian band naturally completed their final tour where it all began for them, in Kingston, bringing a full circle moment that was shared with Hip fans across the nation. For almost 3 hours on a warm, late summer, Saturday night, The Tragically Hip played one last time.



Broadcasted nationally, there isn’t any other band in Canada that would cause the nation to take pause for a single night from shore to shore like The Tragically Hip. Millions united to revel in the music that continues to bring them joy, and to take the opportunity to say goodbye to what felt like a dear old friend.



So put on you favourite Tragically Hip songs and relive this proud moment of unity, peace and love that is the very foundation of what Gord Downie and The Hip stood for. Thank you endlessly Gord Downie, guitarist Paul Langlois, guitarist Rob Baker, bassist Gord Sinclair and drummer Johnny Fay for giving your fans one hell of a farewell.