This time of year decorations are starting to go up, people start to spookify their homes.

But one mother in Southern Ontario is making a slightly different kind of graveyard.


Andrea Zakel-Farrow lives in Niagara Falls and is making a creative political statement on her front lawn.

In response to Ontario’s school re-opening plan, the former teacher created a Halloween themed “COVID classroom” adorned with skeletons and gravestones.

She says it is an urgent warning and plea for help about the serious danger of kids and teachers dying due to Conservative education policies.

Zakel-Farrow is making it clear that this is NOT political satire, or humor, but a protest to wake up the people in power, in hopes they will reach across the table and follow better health guidelines.

She is on a mission to create a positive, productive, and (most importantly) safe learning environment for her son and for other students.

Listen to the full interview above.