AC/DC has finally released the full version of their new song ‘Shot In The Dark’ after a month of teasing us. This single is ahead of their album POWER UP (Yes, all capitals because of course it needs to be.) Listen to the full song below.



POWER UP will be released November 13th, so you’ll have to wait just a liiiiiittle longer before we get ALL NEW AC/DC music. Here’s a look at the track list:

1. ‘Realize’
2. ‘Rejection’
3. ‘Shot In The Dark’
4. ‘Through The Mists Of Time’
5. ‘Kick You When You’re Down’
6. ‘Witch’s Spell’
7. ‘Demon Fire’
8. ‘Wild Reputation’
9. ‘No Man’s Land’
10. ‘Systems Down’
11. ‘Money Shot’
12. ‘Code Red’



Just when we thought it was over after the unfortunate passing of co-founder Malcolm Young, AC/DC is rising from the ashes and bringing us an encore. Maybe it’s the last, maybe it’s not, but it’ll be something familiar and yet entirely new. Here’s looking forward to AC/DC back in action at full throttle with Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd, Stevie Young and Angus Young!