92.7 ROCK BLONDE ALE – Stack Brewing

Introducing the beer that will rock your taste buds and your world:

92.7 ROCK Blonde Ale!

Brewed in collaboration with our pals at Stack Brewing, this beer is so good, it’s practically a Rockstar.

Now we know you like your beer with attitude and the 92.7 ROCK Blonde Ale has got it in spades. Beautifully balanced with malt sweetness and just the right amount of hops, it’s like a mosh pit in your mouth. But the 92.7 ROCK Blonde Ale isn’t just about the beer – it’s about giving back. A portion of proceeds go to the Sudbury Charities Foundation, so a cold one in your fridge can help children in Sudbury.

What are you waiting for? Cheers to good times and good company. Grab your 92.7 ROCK Blonde Ale now.

92.7 ROCK Blonde Ale.


*Here for a limited time. Only available at the Stack Brewery located at 947 Falconbridge Rd.

**Please drink responsibly.


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