30 Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


Sep 8 - Oct 30


Mell and Chris are hitting the streets this fall to celebrate 92.7 ROCK’s 30th anniversary with 30 Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! From September 8th to October 30th they’ll lend a helping hand to listeners and organizations in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Deeds can be anything from sanitizing crosswalk buttons, raking leaves, or delivering groceries across Sudbury to help keep our community safe!

Have a Dirty Deed?  Let us know.

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Deed #1: Mell and Chris clean sidewalk buttons.

Did you know that they are the 7th dirtiest thing you can touch? Yuck! Good thing Mell and Chris have you covered!

Deed #2: Mell and Chris help out at the Sudbury Women’s Centre

Mell & Chris spent time in the sorting room at the SWC making sure donated clothing was clean and in good condition before being displayed in My Sister’s Closet for clients to choose their own outfits.

#30Deeds #Mell&Chris #927ROCK

Deed #3: Operation Help Wanted

A school bus driver shortage in Greater Sudbury has left parents scrambling to find ways to get their kids to school, and big traffic jams around those schools with many more vehicles trying to drop students off safely.  Enter Mell & Chris and 30 Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Sounds interesting?  You bet! Check here for further details: http://leuschentransportation.com/join-our-team/

Deed #4: Handing Out #SmileCookies

#SmileCookies literally make everyone smile! We picked up a bunch at Tim Hortons at Lasalle and Barrydowne to spread the joy for Deed #4, and raise money for local charities including the Sudbury Food Bank! #30Deeds

Deed #5: To Ride In and Raise Awareness of Ryleigh’s Ride

For the 2nd year in a row, Ryleigh’s Ride has raised money for Sick Kids Hospital. Our experience in the NICU made us appreciate the hard work of the staff, the nurses, the doctors, the surgeons, the specialists, the social workers and the volunteers that dedicate their lives to helping children. We want to give back!!! We want to raise money so SickKids can build the new and much needed hospital that will continue to help so many children each day.

Deed #6: Donating Plasma at Canadian Blood Services

Chris donated plasma at Canadian Blood Services (@lifelineSudbury) and hopes you will too!  We’re trying to fill 400 appointments by the end of October for those who need life-saving plasma.  Call to book an appointment at 1-888-2-DONATE and tell them you want to do a good deed. Check out Mell & Chris’s visit to the plasma center!


Deed #7: We The Bury Bottle Drive

The “We the Bury” Team is back collecting empty beer cans and wine and liquor bottles so they can donate the proceeds from the deposits to some great local charities.  The team will be set up at Overtime Sports Bar on Notre Dame on Saturday, October 3 and Sunday the 4th accepting your donations.  Mell & Chris are going to help with the pick ups and sorting on Saturday, because this is a really GOOD DEED.  Riley is the organizer of the “We the Bury” Team and gives some details on how you can be part of this deed.

Deed #8: Wedding Cake From Double Frosted Bakery

When Mike asked us to help him fix his garage wall, we knew it would be a big job.  Turns out it was so big that Mike himself said he couldn’t afford to do it right now anyway because he had something even bigger going on his life.  This turned into the sweetest deed EVER thanks to Double Frosted Bakery!  (https://doublefrostedbakery.weebly.com/)

Deed #9: Get a Dogs Nails Trimmed

Let’s say you have a 140 lb puppy who won’t let you cut his toenails…what do you do???  You call in Mell & Chris, who call in their expert at Auntie Sherry and Friends Pet Grooming Parlour to save the day. Wait till you meet her and they very good boy, Banner. (http://www.auntiesherrygrooming.ca/?fbclid=IwAR218ANEjNkCEM_dON5sgKPxaZHdTfOOGMuHw7KexUGR4eV7hsjvX96S8lQ)

Deed #10: XMAS Lights Coming Down…

Lisette’s Christmas lights were a mess!  A critter chewed through the cord and some of the lights and because of a back injury she couldn’t get up on a ladder to take them down. For deed 10, Mell & Chris (mostly Chris) took down the lights, cleaned her gutters, and removed a dead mouse!

Deed #11: Help Fix A Car

Judy needed new back brakes on her car and her daughter Jess was concerned for her Mom’s safety, and everyone else’s!  Judy had saved enough money to buy the parts but not for the cost of labor. Enter the great folks at Palladino Mazda on the Kingsway! Wow!

Deed #12: Lily’s 10th Birthday!

A special day for Lilly. For her tenth birthday, Lily’s dad Dan arranged a small birthday party for her, and also asked us if we could interview her on the radio and wish her a happy day! So we did and so did you! Thanks for being party of Lily’s special day on the radio!

Deed #13: Thanking Volunteers at The Sudbury Food Bank

Volunteers make the world go round and no one knows that more than Dan Xilon, the Executive Director of the Sudbury Food Bank. Mell is president of the board and for Deed 13, Dan asked us to visit a couple of area food banks to thank the volunteers.















Deed #14: Sudbury Rocks!!! Race, Run, or Walk with Greg Williams

Greg Williams from our afternoon drive show had a very special reason for running in the SudburyRocks Race, Run or Walk 5K Virtual Race Challenge this year, and Mell & Chris wanted to let him know that we are all behind him.


Deed #15: Playing French River Band on 92.7 ROCK

It’s great to see people follow their dreams and make stuff happen. That’s exactly what members of the French River Band did when they released their own CD. The deed request was to play one of their songs on 92.7 ROCK, so we did!

Deed #16: Wash a Firetruck

When the Fire Chief asks you to help him out, you say YES!  Espanola Fire Chief Mike Pichor is a great friend of the show and asked us to visit him at the fire hall where he put us to work washing his truck.

Deed #17: Vet Tech Appreciation

It was a “ruff” assignment for Deed #17. Veterinarian Dr. Andre Danyluk of Barrydowne Animal Hospital wanted us to drop by during Veterinary Technician Week to salute her and other amazing technicians and everything they do for the pet citizens of Sudbury. She calls them the unsung heroes of the vet world. So we dropped by to see Stephanie, Bethany, Amy, and Leah and brought them some hot coffee, t-shirts, and Teen Burgers from our friends at A&W!

Deed #18: Stella’s Lights

Deed #18 really put some light into the situation.  Stella contacted us asking for help changing her lightbulbs and cleaning the fixtures.  She is of petite stature and wasn’t comfortable on a ladder, so Mell & Chris to the rescue!  Sudbury Hydro generously donated a couple of amazing remote-controlled power bars and some energy efficient lightbulbs that Stella can share with her friends.  What a difference this made to Stella’s light situation!

Video coming soon…

Deed #19: Cleaning Junction Creek

Mell & Chris were asked to help clean up Junction Creek. Five shopping carts, one bicycle and bags and bags of trash later, they helped pull 343kgs of garbage from this important waterway. Thanks to the crew from Fisher Wavy for helping us out with this Deed!

Deed #20: College Boreal Clothing Drive

Video coming soon…


Deed #21: Inner City Homes “Fast To Feed”

Do you know what it’s like to be hungry?  The Inner City Home of Sudbury helps feed families and individuals in the downtown core and also offers life skills and counselling support.  Fast to Feed is their major fundraiser and we helped them promote their event by talking with Board President Joe Drago, who will actually be fasting this weekend to help raise $30, 000!

Video coming soon…

Deed #22: Garbage Bin Box

Steven had a problem.  A big, hungry, furry problem.  Bears were daily raiding his garbage and recycling bins for tasty leftovers.  With the help of the great folks at Kelly Lake Building Supplies on Brady street, Chris built a massive, solid, bear-proof bin for Steven!  Special thanks to Chris’s neighbor who also helped out with this deed.  No more bear buffets at Steven’s house!




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