Five Cent City 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament


Aug 25


Downtown Sudbury,


The Five Cent City: Summer Event is taking place in Downtown Sudbury from 10am to 10pm on Sunday, August 25th.

People are encouraged to connect and engage with one another socially while providing opportunities to support, encourage and educate each other in a safe and welcoming space while promoting pride in our community.?It’s a community fundraiser to address Mental Health and Addictions related issues with a mandate to provide an opportunity and alternative public health model designed to connect and support those struggling with challenges and loss.

This year, there will be:

  • 3 on 3 basketball tournament,
  • Dunk contest with Jordan Kilganon and other professional Dunkers
  • Musical performances and our cities best DJ’s
  • Free BBQ lunch and snacks
  • Drum circle and Elder address
  • Community mural
  • Speakers and special presentations throughout the day including a Naloxone presentation and opportunities for people in the community who have struggled with loss and personal challenges to speak, share, heal and connect with others.

By clicking the DONATE NOW button and making a contribution you are taking action to support this alternative wellness model and you help us reach and connect with more people in our community. ?


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