Join Jenna’s Fight


Oct 5


Join us on October 5th at TailBlazers on Regent street from 10-4.

Get your dog washed for $20 with all proceeds being donated to her fight. #joinjennasfight

Jenna Desforge is a 23 year old former Bishop Alexander Carter student who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer rendering her at the young age of 23 to no longer be able to bear children.

Due to Jenna’s cervical cancer she was forced into the option of having to harvest her eggs. This devastating news not only came with loosing what felt like a life long goal of becoming a mother but also with a long battle she will face with radiation and chemotherapy in order to win her fight against cancer.

Jenna will be needing chemotherapy once a week and radiation 5 times a week for 6 weeks . After that she will need to travel out of town for a 2 week period to receive another type of radiation that is not offered locally. After this process the doctors are able to reevaluate her condition and decide what steps are next to achieve the best results.


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